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If you are a chess educator, or you want learn how to play chess or improve your chess skills, you've come to the right place. Chessity has a lot to offer to you, thanks to our team of specialists in the field of chess education, game design and artifical intelligence. Chessity is fun, and it is easy to use. Moreover, it is the most versatile and effective platform for chess education and chess training in the world.

Learn how to play chess with Chessity, the most advanced chess method for schools, clubs, and self-study. Learning chess with Chessity is fun and easy. Learn through gamification. Follow interactive, adaptive lessons from chess masters and top trainers.

Train your chess tactics, board vision and endgames. With over 50.000 interactive, hand-crafted tactics puzzles to solve and beautifully composed endgame studies, Chessity is the ultimate website for online chess training.

Step into 21st-century chess teaching with Chessity. Discover how Chessity helps you with motivated students, effective chess learning, easy differentiation, time for one-on-one teaching and a positive classroom atmosphere.

Gaming your training is a key concept of Chessity. Chessity's chess trainers and game developers work hard to design entertaining lessons and exercises, so that you’ll want play every day.

Join the community. Find and share solutions with fellow chess learners and teachers coaches around the world.